Why is it Important to Track the Customer Journey?

Simply put, a customer support outsourcing firm or a BPO is only as good as its last performance. And this means that they need to deliver customer support round the clock and every time. The customer support provider must be able to provide quick answers to questions and must be able to handle unexpected situations. For this reason tracking becomes crucial, without which the customer will never be fully satisfied with the service and may not stay with the firm any longer.

Nowadays, most customer support outsourcing companies track customer journeys using web based tools like customer journey analysis and measurement. These tools are designed by companies so that organizations can easily track their interactions with their customers, on that basis customer satisfaction levels are calculated and improved. Most of these tools are web based and can therefore be accessed from any location. This makes them extremely convenient for organizations.

But what do these tools actually tell us? The primary and most obvious answer to the question lies in the customer journey map. This is the graphical representation of the customer journey that shows the customer’s interaction with the company from the point of contact at the initial stage to the stage of satisfaction and purchase. A visual depiction of the customer journey simplifies the task of the customer support representative. He or she can easily understand where the customer has gone and how far he or she is towards completing the process.

A customer support representative can use several tools to track the customer journey. The most popular tool that is used by many BPOs is the Customer Relationship Management or CRM. CRM provides a visual representation of the entire customer journey. The customer relationship management tool has tools for segmenting the customer, creating action plans for each customer; follow up plans and so on. This helps the customer support reps understand where the customer needs help and exactly where the customer is within the process.

Another important tool for tracking a customer journey is a question tracking software. These tools allow the customer support representatives to enter in simple questions and get back immediately with detailed information. It tells the representatives exactly where the customer was, what he or she was doing, how satisfied is the customer and so on. This information thus helps the company in understanding where the customers need help and what are their problems.

Another important tool for tracking a customer journey is web analytics. This tool enables the customer support reps to know what the customers find interesting, useful and relevant. The most useful information often shows the customer journey broken out into various segments. By using this method the BPO can segment the customers further into groups and so on. These segmentation tools help the BPO in providing valuable insight on areas for future improvement.

Web analytics can also help the BPO in providing relevant reports on how customers use the website and which pages are interesting and attracting more traffic. With this information the customer support teams can improve the website and increase conversion rates. This will also help in finding out which pages are not delivering the desired results. Once this is identified, the page can be changed to attract a better audience and hence improve conversion and customer satisfaction.

Apart from these tools there are many other tools available that track customer journey. Some of these include web history tools, web metrics, custom reporting and advanced reporting solutions etc. Depending on your requirements you can select any of these tools. However the key issue is to understand the customer journey, analyze it, understand what your customer needs and then deliver it. This will help you deliver excellent customer support and increase your customer base.

Original Source: https://www.theoctopustech.com/importance-of-tracking-customer-journey/

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