Tips for Choosing the Right Content Moderation Services

Today, the whole world is under the impact of social media. Social media platforms are very useful for surfing as well as uploading content. The content that the user uploads is considered as user-generated content (UGC). Research shows that UGC influences a majority of people than any other information on the company’s website or App. So, the companies have to hire Content Moderation Services in order to maintain their brand’s reputation.

Social media content moderation has become a prerequisite for every social media platform. Every business relies on digital platforms to connect with clients and to generate leads. So, the content available on these platforms has a great impact on your brand image. Content Moderation appears to be a simple task. But, it demands time and effort investment to carry out the moderation efficiently.

What is Content Moderation?

Content moderation is the technique of screening and refining any type of user-generated content shared online. Making sure whether it’s suitable for publication based on some specific rules. Content Monitoring Services monitors every type of content including images, gifs, videos, audio, and text as well.

Major social media platforms are being flooded by user-generated content daily. Some of the content may be violating, or illegal. Lacking supervision, user-generated content may cause potential harm to a brand’s reputation. Content Moderation Services can be AI-powered, human monitored, or hybrid involving both humans and AI.

Human Content Moderation

Manual moderation is an expensive and time taking method as it involves a lot of workforce for real-time content analysis. Although it’s difficult to bear the expenses of manual moderation yet it is the most effective way of content moderation. However, some potential privacy issues may occur with human content moderation if you do not choose the right moderation partner.

AI-Powered Content Moderation

AI-based visual recognition algorithms are sure to deliver ethical as well as cost-effective services. The machine learning algorithm is very efficient in processing and categorizing a huge heap of data. AI-powered systems have high precision at spotting weapons, nudity, violating symbols, and fake people in images and videos. But, AI fails in the contextual understanding of the content. Although AI can filter out some words, yet only humans can have a deep understanding of the text. Most of the companies have their own AI-based content moderation systems as a first step. So, they opt for manual Content Monitoring Services as the next step of moderation.

A Hybrid model involving AI and Humans

As said earlier AI systems and humans are the primary and secondary steps respectively in some companies. Some of the companies have in-house AI-powered software, so they need to hire only a manual moderation partner. But, some companies prefer hybrid moderation partners providing both AI as well as human moderation. Coupling human perception with artificial intelligence is sure to give out the best possible outcomes. It is fruitful to have AI-based content moderation software and hiring only manual Content Moderation Services. It not only saves time by sending only small portions of content after AI processing but also saves huge expenses.

Choosing Effective Content Moderation Services

Selecting the best Content Monitoring Services for content moderation is the first step to accomplish a safe online platform. Social media content moderation is a crucial aspect of having a digital presence online. Through adequate Moderation Services, you can preserve your brand’s reputation and provide a healthy social media channel to the users. A lot of companies in the market are providing Content Moderation Services. What you need is to opt for one that satisfies your business needs. Here are a few tips to choose the right company that meets your requirements.

  1. Verify if the company has a good command over content moderation

The primary thing you need to examine is whether the company has relevant experience in Content Moderation Services. It is very crucial to know about the company’s focus and strategy to ensure efficient moderation. Knowing their policies and rules in ensuring quality services helps to demonstrate their worth. Companies having a robust training model for their moderation agents are good to go with. Nevertheless, make sure that the company you are hiring should possess a dedicated staff for social media content moderation. This work demands special skills and a vision considering the moderation rules. So, make sure to hire the company with trained staff for better outcomes.

Users submit content most probably in the form of images, videos, and text. So, it is good to know what sort of content will be covered under content moderation by the moderation company. Content is the tool that develops trust in the users. Good content leaves a positive impact on the users whereas, negative, and cringe content may lead to criticism. This type of content can leave a bad impact on the users. There is a risk to the company’s reputation also if the moderation team does not work accordingly. Hence, the right preference is a must.

  1. Know your business requirements

It is essential to know what particular services you require in the social media content moderation for your business platforms. You should know the type and category of content you need moderation for. You have to be ready with the list of platforms and the volume of content being posted daily. Ideally, you need a company that meets up your business requirements, providing you the best and scalable solutions.

As your platform becomes more trustworthy, more user engagement will be there. So, you will see an increment in user-generated content on the platforms. Thus, a model that can cope[ up with the incoming volume should be your target. It is wise to hire a content monitoring company with a well-prepared contract. It eases you to figure out your own business needs as well as the moderation company to meet your needs.

  1. Know the moderation methodologies of the company

Most of the companies rely on AI image and text detection software for Content Monitoring Services. But, AI-powered content moderation systems have some limitations and they can work only to a certain extent. Apart from automated AI moderation, some companies involve human or hybrid moderation techniques. These methods are more efficient as compared to AI. Human Moderation consists of Pre-moderation, where the content moderators just monitor and refine the content before allowing its publication.

However, Post-moderation allows the posting of content instantly as soon as the users submit it. The moderators then review the content that whether it complies with the policies. Human moderation also features a reactive moderation technique where users can report the content that they find harassing or inappropriate. So, the moderators take action accordingly. Thus, as per your need, you should verify whether the company you are hiring has relevant proven experience. At the same time, you need to opt for the company that provides trained recourses for manual Content Moderation Services. Depending upon your budget and requirements, you may also proceed with a company featuring hybrid moderation.

  1. Determine your need for monitoring or moderation

Monitoring and moderation are two different aspects of filtering out user-generated content. Monitoring gives a good understanding of user behavior online, whereas moderation is a more efficient way to observe the content. In the case of moderation, Content Moderation Services removes the violating content on its detection. Hence, the content violating the rules and regulations of the online platform should be removed because it can create an unhealthy environment for the users. The warning is also issued to the user in some cases.

Other Tips to Find Out a Right Content Moderation Partner

Low Pricing, High Capability: You may find it very beneficial while choosing a low budget moderation service. But, keep in mind that a service that is too cheap might not furnish the best quality. Hence, you need to go for a company that has good experience and capability to provide quality at economical prices. Go for the best, not for the cheapest.

Data privacy policies: Every country has its own laws and policies for data privacy and data security. In this case, just hire those services for content moderation that should be able to adjust and cope up with concerned rules. They should stick to the guidelines related to data privacy and protection. If you do not choose the right content moderation company, you can fall into trouble in the future. There may be a potential risk to the confidential data of your company. Data leakage may occur.

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