Customer Support Outsourcing — A Need for NDR Processes

In the shipping and logistics zone, we usually came across a term NDR. Non-Delivery Report abbreviated as NDR is an acknowledgment of the delivery of the orders which could not be delivered. It also specifies the reason for non-delivery. The need for NDR occurs when a Customer Support team gets a complaint from the buyer. The complaints are basically about the non-delivery of an order from an E-commerce site. According to NDR, there are two options, either to attempt the delivery again or to opt RTO (Return to Origin). The delivery partner can return the undelivered orders only after three unsuccessful delivery attempts.

The Need for NDR Processes

Due to the non-delivery of an order, a buyer may get sad. He may develop pessimistic thinking about the seller or the E-commerce site. But, a seller has to face such a great loss, especially in the case of COD orders. Some buyers can genuinely cancel the order when it is in transit. However, the main loss occurs when the logistic partner betrays the seller by fake delivery attempts. They are mentioning the comments like, “the customer was not available at the time of delivery”, “wrong or incomplete address”, “the customer’s phone number is not reachable”. Therefore, the seller has to pay for the return shipment also, bearing a huge loss. So, the major E-commerce companies are hiring Customer Support Outsourcing companies to carry out NDR Processes. Therefore, dealing with customer complaints regarding non-delivery makes it necessary for e-commerce sites for a good reputation in the market.

Impact of NDR Processes

In the NDR Process, the Customer Service team contacts the customer after the first delivery attempt. In this situation, the parcel remains with the logistics partner for the next 24 hours. The Call center team then verifies the reason given by the customer with the delivery partner’s remarks. In case of mismatch, the Customer Support team marks such cases as a fake delivery attempt or fake comments. In such a case, the team escalates the issue to the logistics partner to make a delivery attempt again. The team also helps in providing the correct details about the buyer to the delivery partners if necessary. Hence, the NDR processes focus to save the time and money of both buyers and sellers on E-commerce sites.

Choosing the Right

For the transparent and highly accurate NDR Processes, it is wise to choose the right Customer Support Outsourcing Company. With the rapid growth in online shopping from various E-commerce websites, the return rate of the parcels has also increased. Choosing the best Call Center Outsourcing companies like Octopus Tech Solutions for NDR Processes is crucial for E-commerce websites. NDR Processes help to maintain the brand’s worth. The purpose of NDR is not only to verify the fake remarks but also to make the customers feel valuable. Various E-commerce brands are hiring the leading Customer Service Outsourcing companies for NDR Processes nowadays. With this, the sellers from various E-commerce platforms have seen a gradual decrease in return of orders.

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