Expand Customer Base and Revenue with Customer Service Expertise for DTH

Today, the way television networks and live-streaming options are enabling a wide range of content, the responsibility of cable and network providers is turning out to be more crucial. However, the credibility of any major brand or network operator begins with effective customer experience. If your services are not streamlined or the customer queries are not handled successfully on time then they might switch to other options available in the market.

With the growing competition, it is becoming tougher for DTH (direct-to-home) operators, cable networks to survive in mediocre business operations set-up. And in this competitive domain, where the customer lifecycle depends mostly on tangible factors like tariffs, strong network connectivity, and package bundles with freemium offerings, it is pivotal to provide and maintain service that wins the trust of customers. The challenges in handling customer complaints related to sudden technical failure, or during any natural calamity can lead to a high flow of complaints which takes time to manage to meet customer expectations. Such instances bring pressure for telecom and DTH operators by those clients or customers who are not ready for any delay in resolution.

Therefore, DTH operators have started relying on customer support outsourcing services for multiple purposes whether it is for acquiring more customers, retaining the existing ones, providing technical support or giving answers to simpler queries. Moreover, brand loyalty can be built on high-quality customer services while removing roadblocks like cord-cutting. So, in an age when data services and high definition quality is an essential part of several offerings, telecom operators are finding relevancy in hiring robust customer service outsourcing for the interconnected ecosystem.

The reasons behind the shift of the DTH sector or network operators towards customer support outsourcing can be:

1. Fixing the industry’s recognition is proving to be a little more difficult as it has to gain customers’ trust in the times where everything is digital.

2. It takes certain investment and effective training to ensure customers are getting the service they deserve.

3. Traditional TV companies have to try more as it is a long road for them to reach customers’ loyalty.

As these network operators and cable companies are seeking to optimize their product selling and customer support environment, they cannot afford to overlook the quality of customer service offered through non-voice processes in addition to the conventional methods of voice support. Furthermore, addressing customer service problems in the DTH sector can be easier if the whole support strategy depends upon how customers are treated and persuaded to resume DTH services with the assistance of an efficient customer service outsourcing company.

So, what is needed to provide seamless support services as per the requirements of customers? Take a look:

1. For consumers, it is precise and clear that cable TV companies or operators either have to shed their reputations for poor customer service or take incremental steps to improve their products and the way they handle service complaints.

2. Customers want the network operators to know about their problems immediately. So, Cable TV companies have to get dedicated and specially trained customer service teams that handle all complaints in less average handling time (AHT). In many cases, they can even contact network operators or DTH brands through social media or by chat.

3. The support reps need to be properly informed on the potential queries or the issues coming from the customers so that ticket can be closed on time. The more knowledge a support executive will have, the easier it will be for him to fix the problem.

4. Effective communication starts with being polite and kind in words. The support teams need to be aware of the values of how they can commence conversations with customers to pitch the product and even while resolving their issues. The good treatment will make an impact on customers for a lifetime towards your brand.

5. For FTR complaint cases, front-end support teams can do the required troubleshooting and give resolution to customers and in NFTR cases, the backend operation team can be aligned and visit customer premises and close the complaint ticket by rectifying hardware, product or Outdoor unit.

Summing up

The DTH sector still has a long way to go in today’s tech era. It needs to find ways for how they can stand tall among digital competitors and the first milestone in customer service. If the major operators in business give complete attention and alertness on each and every customer complaint with the help of dedicated service recovery teams, the results will be much satisfactory for DTH brands and the buyers.

Original Source: https://www.theoctopustech.com/expand-customer-base-and-revenue-with-customer-service-expertise-for-dth/

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