Customer Support Services for E-gaming and E-sports Industry

The gaming industry has been escalating since it filed into the mainstream in the 1980s. Appealing updates in online streaming, as well as Virtual Reality, seem to lead the way. Yet, without a smooth user experience, the game’s popularity can suffer a setback. So, with a growing demand for e-games, it is becoming important to get help via Customer Support Services on time. This allows them to stay engaged in the game, creating brand loyalty, and increasing a player’s lifetime value. Thus, most of the gaming platforms are hiring Customer Service Outsourcing services for customer support to retain more paying customers.

Five Principles of Successful Customer Support

Various companies are providing Customer Support Services to popular e-gaming companies having an active player base of about 100 million. So, having a huge player base makes Customer Support Outsourcing services vital in the gaming sector. Here are the top five guiding principles of outsourcing Customer Support Services for gamers:

1. Understanding the Players Providing Multilingual Support

E-gaming platforms need to set up emotional connections with players. Thus, there’s a need to match gamers with like-minded Customer Support Services agents. So, staff your customer service team or outsource to those Customer Support Services with people who play e-games themselves. This will ensure your customer support agents to talk in the same language as customers and understand their problems easily. Every interaction with a player is a chance to deliver an exceptional customer experience, standing out from the crowd, creating brand loyalty, increasing a player’s lifetime-value, and even using real-time feedback to improve the gaming experience.

2. Customer Support Services for Specific Platforms

Various types of players need customer care that suits them. PC players are often appreciative of their technical abilities and are prone to work with websites for downloading patches. Thus fixing their own issues. On the other hand, gaming console players are comfort-driven and usually prefer having accessible customer support. Finally, free mobile device game players generally land on the developer’s website or on community forums to find support. Thus, Customer Support Outsourcing services should empower e-gamers on their favorite gaming platforms like PC, mobile, console, or browser.

3. Outsource Customer Support

E-gaming platforms that lack the customer service team in-house should prefer outsourcing to a leading Customer Service Outsourcing company. This will allow the gaming company to focus more on its core business such as designing, developing, and marketing.

4. Ensure Real-Time and Multichannel Support

Offering 24X7 multi-channel supports via voice, email, online chat, and social media networks enable your players to get in touch with you whenever they want. The social media presence also allows players to engage with developers in real-time with their preferred communication channel. For smaller e-game studios, social media is an effective way to reach a relevant audience as well as to increase their player base. This can be done in-house, thus no need for Customer Support Outsourcing is there.

5. Improve Your Services through Player’s Feedback

Ensure that your e-games fulfill the player needs by analyzing the player feedback that comes into your Customer Support Services channels and forwarding it to development teams. This alone will raise the player value, playtime, satisfaction, and retention. This will ultimately increase their likelihood to share the game with friends.

Octopus Tech provides complete Customer Support Services for e-gaming industries worldwide. Our highly expert as well as multilingual player support teams are there to provide 24X7 services. This ensures the best gaming experience for the players and increases the online presence of the game.

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