Cart Purchasing Support Processes Leads to High Conversion Rates

The demand for eCommerce websites is growing rapidly. Delivering a wonderful online shopping experience to the customers purely depends on the cart checkout process. If the website has a user-friendly checkout process, there is a high chance that a customer will buy the product. On the other hand, a complex checkout process may lead to the loss of customers. Big online shopping companies involve various strategies to make users comfortable with their checkout process. The companies also hire Customer Support Outsourcing services to enhance customer experience. This practice possibly triggers the conversion rates.

Know Why the Customers Are Leaving Without Purchasing

There could be many reasons if a customer leaves by just adding the product to the cart. Apart from an unsmooth and complex checkout process, there could be other possible reasons for this. If a person is adding up the items in the cart through the mobile site but not able to check out, a glitch in the mobile site or poor data connection could be the possible reason. Shipping costs and hidden taxes could also be a reason for cart abandonment. Hidden charges lead to frustration in the customers. Apart from this, customers may create a wishlist of the products that they don’t intend to buy until the price drop.

Cart Processing Tips to Maximize Conversion Rates

Most of the online shopping companies are hiring Customer Support Outsourcing companies to pull up their conversion rates by enhancing customer’s shopping experience. The Outsourced Telemarketing Services provides customer support by getting in touch with the customers. This is done through emails or calls if they leave the cart without completing the checkout process. Here are some tips that an online shopping company should follow for the perfect shopping cart checkout.

1. Must Include an Order Summary

The most essential part of the checkout page is letting the customers know what they are going to buy. Providing complete transparency helps to build trust. So, a little crux of the order including its specifications and the total amount is necessary before completing checkout.

2. Live Chat for Real-Time conversations

Embedding a live chat feature on the website boosts conversion rates. This real-time chat support provides customer support that develops trust between customers and website owners. Hence, customers can get answers to all their queries while checking out.

3. Optimize Checkout Page for Mobile

Even if your eCommerce website is responsive, make sure that your checkout page is optimized for mobile users. The majority of users prefer mobile devices for online shopping. So, it’s necessary to provide a mobile-friendly checkout page for hassle-free transactions.

4. Offering Discounts

You may find out that customers are leaving the cart without checking out. In this case, the company must provide some promotional privileges to the Outsource Telemarketing Services. So that they can offer some discounts and promotions to the customers on their cart items.

5. Getting in Touch With Emails & Calls

It is the responsibility of Customer Support Outsourcing services to contact the customers through emails and calls. It is done to remind them of the items they left in the cart. Offering them some offers on checkout leaves a good impact on them.

6. Make the Payment Process User-Friendly

The checkout page is the final stage of conversion. Hence, creating a user-friendly checkout page for the payment process will help to increase your sales as well as conversions. Allow customers to pay using different payment methods including UPI, cards as well as digital wallets. Remember cash on delivery is the most liked mode of payment among all.

7. Build trust & comfort your customers

Building a bond of trust with customers is the most crucial part. They should feel safe and secure while entering their card details on your website. So, using security logos, providing user-ratings and the contact details of your website make the customers feel comfortable. Adding features that trigger the process, such as automatic detection of the city and state based on zip code will make it easy for the users.

Most of the eCommerce companies Outsource to India for their Customer Support Outsourcing processes. Indian outsourcing companies like Octopus Tech are highly expert and cost-effective in providing Outsourced Telemarketing Services.

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