BPO Services Helping Edutech Companies Increase Their Customer Base

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The EduTech sector has come out of the boundaries of traditional educational services and adopts modern technology to enhance the educational experience. BPO Services play a crucial role in the process when a student wants guidance and certain information, call center’s experienced agents to help them to solve the queries over calls, emails, and texts. Outsourcing Customer Services to BPOs helps the EduTech sector to generate more leads and handle the business hassle-free.

Along with the customer support services over voice, call centers also help with the customer support services over chat and email along with several other business solutions. Outsourcing customer support services to third-party BPOs reduce organizational stress and save additional operational costs.

EduTech market in India will grow up to a size of around US$ 1.96 billion in 2021 with around 9.6 million users, the actual number can be even higher. The modernization and advancement in technology results in several developments in the EduTech sector. The need for a BPO company is indispensable to support the business operations in handling the technical tasks.

Benefits of Outsourcing to call centers for Educational Institutions:–


Outsourcing BPO services help companies to reduce the costs in building voice and chat support systems and deliver quality services through expert agents. Since outsourcing is cost-effective and stress-free, it is better to outsource. By getting an external BPO partner for chat support and voice support services, EduTech companies can easily enhance the customer base and revenue generation internally as well as externally.

Expertise and excellence in operations handling

Hiring and training agents from time-to-time involve huge expenditure, which most companies can’t afford. Thus, outsourcing to a reliable BPO can help whether it is customer support, technical support, or lead generation to increase the revenue. We help grow your company’s revenue generation with operational excellence and technical efficiency.

Experienced Agents

EduTech organizations aim to offer the best services at affordable prices. Today’s students are smart and they research a lot before finalizing a particular course and institution. Our agents are experienced in dealing with the student’s questions and queries, they explain the courses, syllabus, and subject-related inquiries in a professional manner which in turn helps in customer retention.

Integrated solutions

In today’s era of technological advancement, it becomes vital for educational firms to connect to the students in all possible channels of communication. Outsourcing customer support services to BPOs provide the EduTech firms with integrated solutions that help your business to handle the inquiries through all channels excellently as it is easier for the students and more user-friendly to get the services delivered from multi-channel support.

Data security

Data Security is of utmost importance for us whether it’s your customer’s contact details or other personal information. By outsourcing the services to an external call center, your operations and data security will be taken care of with dedication. We provide documentations promising no threat to business data so that you can enjoy uninterrupted services through outsourcing.

Email and Chat Management

Managing students’ inquiries over emails and chats is not an easy task as it is important to be spontaneous and accurate in replies when there are repetitive inquiries. Outsourcing to BPOs helps to serve better as we have subject matter expertise and technical capabilities to handle emails and chats accurately. It also helps the EduTech firms to focus on the primary operations.

Technical Support

Outsourcing to BPO companies helps to handle the technical issues by the expert team daily. We have skilled people to troubleshoot problems and provide students the assistance to ensure that they get all the technical support required in their process of learning and knowledge gaining.

At Octopus Tech, we blend our rich Business Process Management (BPM) expertise, technology, and domain experience to help educational institutions progress in the new world order. This way, outsourcing customer support services assist EduTech Companies to win more student’s trust and attract them towards the organization’s courses. For continuous growth, it is vital for EduTech companies to outsource BPO services to get the benefits of technology and operational expertise they do not specialize in. For our clients we have a business continuity plan, we look after quality assurance and compliance, we do take care of customized services, and on-time service deliveries.

Original Source: https://www.theoctopustech.com/how-bpo-services-help-edutech/

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