5 Types of Content Moderation Services to Protect Your Online Presence

In today’s digital world, with everyone having access to social media and other sites, content publishing is on the rise. And there is uncertainty about the type of content which can harm societal relations, sentiments, and even the name of the brand. Taking all these aspects into consideration, various companies are opting for content moderation services to set some guidelines and restrictions for the users and also to check on user-generated content.

Why is content moderation important?

The increasingly heterogeneous mix of content adds complexity to the review process. Content may contain different opinions through written texts, images, or videos. And such content can be objectionable that creates a challenge for social platforms and brands to monitor as per the regulations. Content moderation is the most effective technique that has the tendency to control user-generated content. So, we are here to discuss and know why content moderation is vital.

Understanding users’ sentiments

Content moderators keep their vision intact by closely watching the posts, comments, or feedback the audience has left. Thus, any kind of favorable or unfavorable response helps marketing experts to understand the opinions of people if they are satisfied with products or services or not.

Dealing with trolling and criticism

Trolling or criticism about a brand can indirectly upset customers and influence their purchasing decisions. But, if a brand is secured with content moderation services, it simply helps to minimize such impact.

Protection of the brand reputation

Having a team of trained content moderators allows the brand’s reputation to remain intact. It also protects users from being victims of abusive or inappropriate content.

Increase in organic traffic

The content generated by the user community can help to fuel traffic because it will direct their potential audience to their online content. This can provide a boost to the platform’s influence over other internet users.

Understanding the different types of content along with its strengths can help you decide what works best for you. So, here are certain types of content moderation mentioned below that you need to mitigate the risks of irrelevant content.


In pre-moderation, you stop content from presenting from being shown poorly even before it has a chance to damage. However, when information doesn’t post in a timely manner, users have to wait longer for posts to appear. The best benefit of Pre-moderation is that it provides high control of what content will be displayed on your site empowering moderators to ensure that any kind of unsuitable content will never make it to your online presence. Content such as product reviews, comments, and multimedia submissions, strictly need approval from trained human moderators before being published online or become visible to other users. Though it is the most popular type of moderation, the delay of not informing in real-time can slow down the pacing of the exchange of ideas among users.


Post moderation allows comments to appear immediately after posting where the discussion starts on a real-time basis. In post-moderation, conversations take place on a real-time basis in which moderators identify the content and act accordingly. Post-moderation is done by a team of human moderators who use the automated system that flags up inappropriate content. Content moderation done after posting may prove better in situations where discussions happen in real-time. Through this, you can minimize the exposure of anything that doesn’t meet your guidelines and policies.

Reactive Moderation

Users often react to the content which is displayed to them in a positive or negative way. If the members mean the content to be offensive or unsuitable, they react accordingly to it. It makes the members of the community more responsible for reporting the content which they find inappropriate. Luckily, a report button is present next to any public piece of content and users loyal to your brand can use this option to flag anything that falls outside the community’s guidelines. Moreover, it reduces the burden on community moderators and allows the platform to dodge any claims of their responsibility for the user-uploaded content.

Distributed Moderation

This moderation method relies on the rating system where the rest of the online community can score or vote published content or submissions that are within the lines of community expectations. This is a good way of crowdsourcing, ensuring your community members become productive. This moderation is only suitable for small organizations where a member-controlled moderation can systematically be done and it allows control of comments, or forum posts to mostly reside within the community, with the guidance from experienced senior moderators.

Automated Moderation

The automated moderation method makes use of digital or online tools that detect predetermined content automatically. Content moderation applications are used to filter harmful content such as offensive words or slurs, starring the banned words out, or rejecting the entire post altogether. This method is implemented with the help of software that automatically filters bad content not meant for the community guidelines.


Any failure or inconsistency in platforms to catch inappropriate content can result in financial risk, brand degradation, loss of consumers, and personal risks of viewers or recipients. In this case, to maintain the quality of the content that users upload on several platforms, content moderation services are vital while ensuring your UGC is closely and appropriately monitored.

Original Source: https://www.theoctopustech.com/5-types-of-content-moderation-services-to-protect-your-online-presence/

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